• Crypto Lending Platforms Prepare to Assail the Banking System
  • ICO Scams and fake cryptos
  • Main subject of the upcoming G20 summit will be cryptocurrencies
  • Microsoft Bing banned 5 millions crypto ads last year

Best crypto websites


Crypto tracker, faucets and faucet tools.

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Electroneum faucet

Picturer is a FIRST electroneum faucet concept that allows players to earn free electroneum Since the sites just up we're constantly updating and adding content.

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yannik faucet

online and paying since 4 years !

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Raimines.com - bitcoin mining game

RaiMines enables your to earn some BTC while playing. How? Upon free registration you will have 1 miner. When you have enough resources you are able to spend it on new miner. Have enough of upgrading? Exchange your gold to BTC and withdraw

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