Binance and released Bitcoin Cash's hard fork

We've written about future Bitcoin Cash plans in the past. We mentioned, for example, the possibility to increase the size of the blocks from the current 32 to 128MB, the developer team mismatches and other facts.  


Bitcoin Cash goes upstream 

Bitcoin Cash has recently been experiencing a decent twofold growth. In two days, its value rose from a stable $ 425 to a current of 470, and according to analysts from Trading11, this rally may continue.  


Bitcoin Cash Hard-fork is approaching 

As such, Bitcoin Cash is currently undergoing a turbulent period. This month will undergo a major upgrading that will change the consensus rules, and if the community does not agree on the new rules (such as block size, new opcodes ...), splitting could be split into two independent projects.  The uncertainty surrounding Bcash, however, does not seem so terrible. The two big players, Binance and, have expressed their support for the Bitcoin ABC development team.  The site has clearly expressed its attachment to this solution.

Their mining pool, wallet, block explorer and other services will only support the "ABC hard-fork" to attract a huge number of people.  Binance has expressed its support for all the solutions listed in the GitHub repository bitcoincashorg, which also includes the "ABC hard-fork" - the biggest crypto-stock market today will not make problems, which is very important. Hard-fork, without the support of the exchange, was not entirely ideal. 


While these statements have not completely removed certainty in the Bcash community, it is definitely a step forward. Hard-fork is scheduled for November 15, 2018. Time is over and it is important to take steps to smoothly transition to new software. Eventual division of Bcashu into more rival projects would probably mean death for this coin. He is already in a position to resist pressure from Bitcoin.