Black Crypto Friday continues

The end of the week was a sign of another big sale. The market for cryptos continues to fall. Bitcoin today has created a new LOW - 3650 $ this year and most alcoins are even worse. Ethereum broke $ 100 on some stock exchanges, Bitcoin Cash is under $ 200, XRP costs 35 cents, and Litecoin you can buy for $ 30. It seems Black Friday is also true for cryptos. 

The problem is that there is practically no point analyzing anything. Volatility is high. The whale marketing market (and probably the institutions) that are currently waiting to close the weekly candle. Bitcoin rises to $ 4000? If so, during the next week there could be a retracement towards 5K. If not, this value will become resistance and will be a short signal. 

However, the most important thing is that this is not the end. The end of the year is far and more dumps are possible. In any case, do not take this article as financial advice. When trading, use your own head. We are not responsible for possible losses. We only report the condition in which the cryptos are found.  It's too late today. Tomorrow we'll be smarter. A broader overview of the market can be expected around lunchtime. But if you take something from this article, take this: 



If you still hold your coins, do not be stupid and do not sell in a loss. The cryptos are certainly not dying. As we have already mentioned, turning the trend is always very dramatic. So ... that's exactly it. Prepare for a bloody time and hold on. 



As promised at the end of October, the end of the year will be accompanied by high volatility. Say good sense and do not use high levers. With a little luck you will make a nice profit.