Cryptocurrencies are great but world is not ready yet

Eugene Kaspersky, Kaspersky's cyber-giant CEO, said in a recent interview that "cryptocurrencies are a great idea but the world is not ready yet."  


One digital currency 

Kaspersky has developed his belief that in the future - "maybe in 100 years" - the world will be covered by one government that will have one digital currency. According to Eugen, "if we want to have cryptocurrencies, the world must be united".  They also claim that in the future cryptos will not compete too much because he predict the domination of one currency.

"There may be different currencies, but there will be only one main coin." 

The fact that one digital coin will be minimal in the internet world is also said by the Twitter founder. But he thinks it's Bitcoin. 


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Crypto must evolve and society as well 

Kaspersky also said that the next new currencies will be digital, but "today's digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, can not replace the existing financial system." 

"Some of the ideas and technologies on which the crypts are based can be used with minor modifications in the future." 

Kaspersky has already expressed a similar view in December 2015, when he said that cryptos are a great invention, but he is convinced that the world is not yet ready for geopolitical use.