David Chaum: Bitcoin is a great currency for store value

Despite the fact that we have been in the bear market for the whole year, Several personalities have said that every other day after Bitcoin "died" only confirms its functionality and capability. David Chaum, one of the most respected experts and pioneers in the field of digital currencies, has also recently commented on the subject, focusing in particular on the ability to maintain value.


Interview with Bitcoinist Magazine 

The aforementioned David Chaum appeared in an interview for Bitcoinist. The interview was mainly about his new project. This is Elixxir, a scalable digital cash with a focus on privacy and security.  However, David Chaum also spoke about security, privacy, and the direction that the crypto-world headed up with Bitcoin. 

"Algorithms associated with machine learning take a significant part of our privacy. Various devices, homes, work environments, and so on, are being watched for example by artificial intelligence, which greatly reduces our privacy. "


Bitcoin as a value keeper 

But much more interesting was the response of David Chaum to Bitcoin's question. Bitcoinist editor David asked if he thought Bitcoin had the advantage that Satoshi Nakamoto was an unknown person, and that it was the first cryptocurrency. 

"Bitcoin is extremely successful as a value keeper. However, as a peer-to-peer digital name, it still has to improve. For example, cash transactions (if they are in a private ownership) are much more anonymous than Bitcoin. This is likely to be almost unlikely (if at all). Bitcoin's transactions will always be able to be checked through a blockchain. "



Several people question, or even expressly, the ability of Bitcoin to become a payer, money or currency. But almost everyone agrees that Bitcoin has the ability to preserve the value (wealth), which makes this cryptocurrency more than good. What do you think? Is Bitcoin capable of being more than just a preserver of value, or is it destined to serve only as a holder of value?