Ethereum developers are preparing a update

The internal document has revealed that a group of developers is working to implement new changes more quickly, which should be operational after the upcoming update.


Scalability problem 

One of the most important questions for Ethereum developers is to solve scalability issues. Due to scalability issues, several projects with planned ICO have already been redirected from the Ethereum platform to other, emerging projects. Additionally, other decentralized platforms such as EOS and Stellar Lumens represent at present for Ethereum solid opponents. 


Surprising upgrade 

The latest report, however, suggests that Ethereum developers are considering a surprising upgrading to increase network capabilities in the short term. Shortly after the Devcon4 conference in October this year, developers had four private meetings. Greg Colvin published an internal document on Github. The document records the minutes indicating that an upgrade called "ethereum 1x" will be issued by June 2019. 


There is nothing officially confirmed yet 

Developers, however, officially claim that it is still too early to discuss publicly new proposals. Although developers typically suggest code changes, public networks such as Ethereum can only implement them after a distributed consensus among all software users. One of the meetings features participants such as co-founder Ethereum Vitalik Buterin and developers such as Lane Rettig, Peter Szilagyi and Hudson Jameson, plus prominent personalities such as Joseph Lubin, founder of Consensys Systems. 


Hard fork? 

The document suggests that developers have been discussing several changes, hard fork or system update. Some of the possible improvements include the introduction of storage fees or "rent" for intelligent contracts.  Developers are also reportedly discussing replacing EVM eWASM. Implementing eWASM would allow for faster and more sophisticated access to calculations. Some of the other allegedly considered changes include "as much public feedback as possible", "small, step-by-step updates," and "data-based analysis that informs about motivation for change." 


Transparency is still the highest baseline value 

In order to better coordinate faster and faster changes, some developers suggested working in private during the meeting. However, in order to maintain the key value of transparency, Buterin itself has refuted it. The document cites that he says he is "rather against a private interview and totally against a private forum."  Disagreement with the meeting held on Friday in an interned cottage was also made by Arif Schoedon. He said that the planning took place without any public participation:

If you want to have private workgroups, that's fine and it makes sense, but you should be transparent and can start by public announcement, wrote Schoedon.