ICO Scams and fake cryptos

Are you interested in cryptocurrencies and want to own or invest in a new potentially profitable project? Super! However, to get into the crypto-world, you should find some info or read something about crypto. But how do you know it's not a scam and will you ever see your money again? 


ICO SCAMs - How to Avoid Them? 

Below, we are going to introduce you to some of the first category projects, the Scam ICO project. We'll also give you some advice on what to notice and what appears to be a suspicious / fraudulent project. None of these projects is officially confirmed as SCAM! Although many do not exist anymore, it is difficult to prove it. You just have to be careful and read a lot.  The most common are sites and projects selling new and unknown ICO tokens. Those are huge amounts today. With every such project, in which you would like to invest your money, you need to read their vision, potential, whether they have excessive expectations, earnings and so on. Sometimes it is difficult to find out and therefore such projects need to be monitored longer and not invest as soon as they arise. A potentially good project needs some time to develop, to marketing, to expand, and so on. 



The value of Dascoin is artificially created and controlled by creators. The value of the coin should be dominated by the market, moreover it is not listed on any more known stock exchange. A single company managed in this way cannot be decentralized and can disappear in seconds, leaving nothing but robbed investors. Usage Potential = 0. 



Signs of this scam are still visible, but many people lost their many. The vision of fast and high earnings is a problem in ourselves. Bitconnect has promised to upgrade their BCC coin by up to 40% per month. Their crypto could not be bought for the FIAT menu. First he had to buy Bitcoin and then exchange for their BCC. The project has survived its moment of fame and its coin has fallen to the bottom. After the fall of the price and any last confidence in their project, they left the BTC with investors. Isn't it great? No, not for you. Avoid such promises.