IOTA announced compatibility with Ledger

IOTA's cryptocurrency has just announced compatibility with the popular Ledger hardware wallet. Now you will be able to store coins (MIOTA) on Ledger Nano S.  According to a report released on the IOTA blog, Ledger hardware wallets will connect with IOTA Trinity and Romeo Wallets, and users will be able to store the seed (access key) outside of the computer or smartphone.

So to Ledger, who will provide the next layer of security against hackers. Ledger CEO Eric Larchevêque explained on the blog that 

"achieving the highest level of security is a key focus of both Ledger and IOTA."


IOTA is great, but it still has its bugs 

IOTA focuses on scalability and transactions for free, as well as on Internet Applications (IoT).  In recent months, IOTA has received considerable criticism as a result of its network shutdown and has not always been operational. The fact that something like this has never happened to Bitcoin or Ethereum suggests to what extent the IOTA network relies on the "coordinator" - the only point where failure can occur because it is not sufficiently decentralized. 

Hardware wallets allow users to upload their offline resources (via the private offline key). Tokens stored online and on stock exchanges may not be completely safe. Hopefully, this step will help the IOTA team move one step further and make your product more accessible to both regular users and businesses.