Microsoft Bing banned 5 millions crypto ads last year

Microsoft's Bing search engine blocked more than 5 million cryptos ads last year. The reason is to protect users from scam projects.  According to Bing, "bad accounts" doubled in 2018, and the main problems the company had to face were not only cryptocurrency but also weapons and so on. Overall, Bing last year suspended "nearly 200,000 ad accounts" and removed 900 million ads from its platform.


Turn off ads to protect consumers 

As mentioned, Bing banned crypto ads in May, claiming that it was created in order to protect users from fraudsters. 


"In order to protect our users from the risk, we decided to disable cryptocurrencies, crypto-related products, and unregulated binary options. Bing Ads will take this change around the world in June. ”- as the statement sounded. 


With this step, digital currencies have joined the family of other controversial products and services that Microsoft has reported from its platform. These include Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes a nd listed third-party technical frauds. 


Google and Facebook accepts some crypto ads 

Bing has banned crypto ads just like Google or Facebook. However, these two companies have already withdrawn since the total ban, and several companies have begun to launch crypto-related ads.  Indeed, various crypto associations have threatened these giants with lawsuits and argued that this is a "cartel" against cryptos, in an effort to manipulate the market. 


Hopefully, even Bing will soon allow ads to at least verified businesses and not build them on the level of promotion of weapons and other horrors. However, it does not matter about search companies. That is, the fact that they were not able to filter out fraudulent ads simply shuts down everything. But Bing is a bit behind again ...