Samsung mobile wallet without Bitcoin

Samsung has new information on the capabilities of the highly anticipated Galaxy S10. After endless rumors, the support of a full-featured cryptocurrency wallet is now finally confirmed. However, the new wallet will not support Bitcoin. 


Samsung Mobile Wallet 

Samsung is serious about crypto wallet. It should include a common crypto interface as well as decentralized applications such as. Enjin, CryptoKitties or CoinDuck. Some time ago, a picture showing new security for storing private keys in the wallet was also provided by the Samsung Knox feature. Ever since the first indications that Samsung is implanting crypto wallets on its phones, there is excitement among the community. 


Samsung Blockchain, as the new Galaxy S10 smartphone wallet is calling, will in its basic version offer primarily Ether and Ether-derived token management. Bitcoin will not be available in the first wallet version. 


Bitcoin vs Ether and the others 

From a technological point of view, it is probably easier to offer Ether for users. Despite the fact that the most widely used and technologically most sophisticated coin (Bitcoin) is not included, it seems very strange.  And to make matters worse, the Samsung wallet also has to offer two marginal and unverified Enjin coin and Cosme token. 


While Enjin coin (ENJ) tied to Enjin, a platform for web services and gaming, is like a coin for micropayments and a digital collector system for players, and is therefore easy to use in games on Samsung phones, Cosme is another case. 


Cosme offers rewards for reviewing cosmetic products and is often compared to the same useless coin named Detancoin.


So how is it that Bitoin, which by its use and the technological advantage of a similar coin far exceeds it, is missing in the wallet? 


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One of the possible reasons could be the total absence of management and business team that Bitcoin would represent. The team developing Ether has a clearly defined and centralized structure, with its founder Vitalik Buterin, in comparison with Bitcoin. Is it possible that there was a secret negotiation behind closed doors between Ethereum and Samsung? This is, of course, speculation, but given the situation in which the Ether market is, it would not be completely unimaginable. 


Another reason may be to wait for successful testing and expansion of the Lightning Network for Bitcoin and its subsequent placement in the wallet. Samsung is expecting to expand its offer for the future, and EOS, XRP, and NEM are said to be among the new coins.