Samsung S10 supported coins

Which cryptocurrencies will be supported in Samsung S10 wallet? • Cryptomenias have trouble opening bank accounts • Monero solves bug in wallet • Adoption of cryptomenias slows down at turn  


Which cryptocurrencies will be supported in Samsung S10 wallet? 

Samsung wants to build its own crypto's wallet to the latest S10 model. But we still do not know which cryptocurrencies will be supported. Of course, there will be the largest one such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash. However, reality may be different. 


According to the survey, crypto business has trouble opening bank accounts 

It's no secret that banks do not like crypto projects. It is not surpise because there is real competition between fiat and crpyto. So, banks are always trying to stop crypto business. However, this is particularly damaging new projects. They are having problems opening their bank accounts for their activities, as they are usually referred to as very dangerous or risky.  


Monero has problems with the bug, solution should come on April 6th 

One of the safest and most anonymous cryptocurrency, Monero, has problems. It should not be very big problem but even a small bug in the wallet can make a lot of trouble. Monero team issued the official date when it would take to eliminate this error. Removal is scheduled for April 6th. 


Even crypto haters realize the necessity of adoption 

Despite the fact that social media still do not talk about crypto in the best light, rhetoric can slowly change. This is the adoption of cryptocurrencies. From JPM Coin, via Facebook Coin to Samsung. Everything suggests that the adoption of crypto is taking on turns.