Tom Lee BTC price prediction - Will he fail again?

Last December, Tom Lee, a well-known BTC supporter, failed when he predicted that BTC would reach $ 15,000 by the end of the year. Not only that he failed, but Bitcoin moved on the other side of Lee's prediction. Now Tom Lee returns with another prediction. 


Where will it be? 

Tom Lee is a well-known supporter of Bitcoin. Although his past prediction has been disastrous, Lee does not give up and continues to make more predictions as a crypto superstar. His latest prediction is that 2019 is a year of recover.  

Lee's main argument is that Bitcoin seems to be very useful. Thus, the fundamental value of Bitcoin is still significantly higher than where we are now. This is associated with its price prediction, which says that the 200 – weekly moving average will be a critical level. It is in line with many professional traders.  

The 200-weekly moving average is seen in the crypto-community as a really important boundary, which has also proved successful in previous cycles. With a bull market, it works as a support, with a bear market as the strongest resistance. In general, it is expected that once this indicator is broken, we will return to the bull market. 


Believe it or not 

Tom Lee predicts that this break will be around October this year. This is on the scale of prediction to the most optimistic. Much of the trader expects this trend reversal towards the end of 2019 or early 2020. Tom Lee is thus again showing himself as an enormous optimist.


Is it possible to believe his predictions? 

Definitely not. Tom Lee is not a savior, nor is he helping other investors in his interest. His incredibly stupid prediction last year suggests that he is pursuing his own goals. He probably wanted to express false hope and to drive other investors into the purchase during the unfavorable time. 


Generally speaking, believing cryptocelebrity predictions is very dangerous because they pursue their own goals, which may be opposite to the goals of smaller investors. In this regard, the best option is to rely your own mind.