Weiss Ratings - Bitcoin reaches a new historical maximum in 2019

We have a new year here and inseparable part of this period are also different predictions. Last year only few predicted the bear market - which eventually cut the BTC by 85%. One of the few traders who managed it was René. That's why we've teamed up with him and now he's been publishing his analyzes. 


In its predictions for 2019, Weiss Ratings also mentioned Bitcoin. According to this company, we can look forward to the increased adoption of this cryptocurrency and its associated creation of a new historical maximum. If this prediction is met, Bitcoin will need to grow by at least 500%! 


XRP overtakes Bitcoin in capitalization 

Other Weiss Ratings predictions include BTC-XRP flippening. In 2018, Ripple focused mainly on creating financial applications for institutions and also gained a number of important partners.  In 2019, we can look forward to BTC-XRP flippening - a phenomenon where XRP's market capitalization will overcome the Bitcoin capitalization.


There have been many similar predictions in the past, and none have been confirmed. The only real chance for Ethereum flipping, which was really close in 2017. Bitcoin, however, builds on a more than 10-year tradition, has a huge number of supporters, and it is almost impossible to dump this cryptocurrencies from the throne