Wozniak see Bitcoin as a rebellion

Steve Wozniak attended a few days ago at the Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles. The co-founder of Apple, who is perceived as one of the visionary technologists and pioneers of the digital revolution at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s, there is Bitcoin defining both "gold" and "rebellion."


It's like the beginnings of the internet or personal PCs 

It reminds me of the beginnings of personal computers. Even then no one was thinking about it. The companies did not think at the outset that it would be all about it,says Wozniak. 

Wozniak compares the current crytpocurrencies ecosystem to the start of the Internet or the revolution with personal computers that were once unthinkable for the individual and now fully transform the lifestyle. 

It's like a riot. We start a revolt. People get things they never had before.  


It's a revolution and it takes time 

However, it emphasizes that, as with previous ideological and technological changes, it also requires this time: 

People invent various uses of the blockchain. And some of them will undoubtedly change certain industries. We are dealing with innovations that introduce radical changes. Yes, it is slow, but the same speed, or even all the previous revolutions have been forming even more slowly.  



We are glad that Wozniak has recently begun to like cryptos. And to the rebellion, maybe it's still gonna stay ...