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Advertisement in Blockchain through Anonymous Ads

For publishers and advertisers, there calls for a unique and anonymous advertising platform might finally come to a halt. Thanks to blockchain technology a new venture is set to introduce payment in cryptocurrency for those in the advertising world.

Anonymous Ads will focus on providing an anonymous advertising platform where the participant can join without the need of giving personal information. With our current system, we are left at a disadvantage of providing confidential details regarding our identity and finances to third-party entities.

With A-Ads, users can have automatic withdrawals of their advertising income directly to their Bitcoin wallet or their A-Ads account. With such a platform, the information of the advertising campaign is safeguarded whereas the user can remain anonymous online.

Does A-Ads Fit You?

If you possess a blog or a site, then Anonymous Ads is the ideal match for your campaigns. Possibly everyone who owns a website can sign up and start earning revenues of up to 50% of the advertisers and affiliates on your site. Users get to advertise on the network from ads displayed on their website at the cost of $0.50 CPM on any niche, while also earning from affiliate friends.

Furthermore, payments in Bitcoin are becoming more and more convenient, and a good number of people are shifting towards the cryptocurrency world. As someone who relies on the online world to earn it would be imperative that you take the cultural shift and embrace the blockchain technology.

How to Join

As aforementioned, there is no need for registration. Any willing participant only has to access A-ads official website, create an ad unit and choose the desired filters. You get to choose from ad units for a site, app or affiliate. Once the preference is done, the user fills up his payment withdrawal plan and his Bitcoin wallet.

Upon confirmation, one need to embed the ads code into your website's code. To keep track of your ad stats can be made available by bookmarking the ad unit page. Furthermore, you're A-Ads account helps you keep track with detailed stats and access to all the necessary settings. For starters, this is a rather simple and less sophisticated way to earn from advertising

A-Ads Cons

One significant advantage for publishers and advertisers is no minimum traffic requisite is necessary to join anonymous ads. This cool feature helps even the smallest of bloggers to generate income. You only have to produce 100 daily page views with more money for those with more page impressions.

On the other hand, advertisers gain from the low Ads in the rotation. With the network still low on ads inventory, your advertising campaign will appear more compared to ads on other platforms. Publishers are also set to generate income through the referral program. Once you refer a new advertiser or publisher, you are set to get a 50% share of the revenue the platform earns through your referral.

A-ADS Bitcoin Advertising Network Final Thoughts

With the advertising world dominated by big corporations like AdSense and Facebook, many bloggers and website owners are unaware of the capabilities of the blockchain. Although blockchain is facing skepticism, the future of our advertising might change if we embrace it.

If you see the potential for growing your advertising campaign, it is not yet late to get on the blockchain advertising niche.

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