Biterwallet is a person-to-person exchange, where you can sell and buy Cryptomoney with more than 100 forms of payment to choose from.

Currently the system supports Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash.

* Support for all payment methods and all currencies. (We can add any currency or form of payment if you need it).
* Set your own payment time, set your range limits and price margin.
* Deposit in guarantee: Guarantees that all operations are backed by a security deposit where they can not withdraw the Crypros if they suffer from any fraud attempt.
* Dispute system: A Biterwallet agent will be available to resolve the dispute.
* Reputation system: All buyers or sellers can qualify how the operation was and leave a comment.
* View user online or offline.
* Trusted users: You can add any user as a trusted user and you will have it in your calendar for future purchases / sales.
* Price in real time: The prices of the offers are updated every 5 minutes.
* Live Chat: You can chat with the merchant in real time.
* Instant Notifications by SMS and Email.
And much more.

Bitcoin Wallet, Litecoin and Dash.
Unlike other exchanges, in Biterwallet you can get a totally free wallet. Where when buying or selling their cryptos, they will be available for withdrawal at any time.

We have a high security rank with the support of BitGo and COMODO Secure services.
Unlike other exchanges the website does not store your money, instead it uses multisig addresses to finance offers directly.
An example when buying bitcoin through the platform. Once the purchase is made, the bitcoin will move through the blockchain, needing to be confirmed as any other wallet to wallet sent.

Two Factor Authentication is also available: You can use Google Authenticator or Authy to be your most secure account, you can enable it to access your account and to release the collateral deposits when marketing.


We do not charge any commission when using the wallet for Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dash.
But keep in mind when sending you will be charged a fee that is for the miners, Biterwallet does not benefit at all.

The only commission charged is to make a purchase/sale exchange that is 1%.

We also wrote 2 short tutorials:

How to buy Cryptos:
How to sell Cryptos:

We hope to provide a great service, where anyone can buy/sell cryptos easily and safely.

The website:
Any question or problem can be addressed to the support:

Any suggestion is Welcome, Thank you very much.

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