BitMedia - Bitcoin Advertising Platform

As true bitcoin enthusiasts, who aim to make their own contribution in the world of cryptocurrencies we are creating BitMedia, the ad platform you will love.
Using the newest technologies and trends in software development, BitMedia aims to become a new universal means of advertising within and beyond the bitcoin world.

Our core principles are simplicity and efficiency.
We want BitMedia to be open for everyone starting from blogger ending with a massive company running its own media buying department. Our convenient interface and responsive suport will satify everyone`s needs. Apart from that we do everything possible and impossible in order to provide our advertisers with the traffic of the highest quality and publishers - with the highest revenue!

Why advertise with us?

  • Easy and explicit way of buying ads. With our convenient interface you won`t have to waste a lot of time to run your ad campaign.
  • The most efficient ways of targeting traffic. You may choose geo targeting and other important settings to optimize your campaign.
  • Targeted audience. We thoroughly choose websites, focused on cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular to place ads on.
  • High quality traffic only. We run multilayer advanced traffic analysis system so you get real and checked visitors only.
  • Effective ads at affordable prices. Only now the minimum bid price is 0,0002 BTC per click. You can always change your bids, depending on the demand on the ad.

Why publish our ads?

  • The best revenue in the niche. Only AdSense might probably offer higher profit.
  • Instant payments. Withdrawals to any bitcoin address at any time, after the funds were charged to your account.
  • Publish ads in two clicks. It takes only a few seconds to create an advertising block and place it on your website.
  • Variety of ad formats. We offer the most popular and the most convenient ad formats. We can also improve the ad format which would satisfy your needs.

And besides, we offer a referral program with generous payouts!

Our Team are still working on BitMedia.IO adding new interesting features every day, stay tuned and be the first to know all the details.

Feel free to ask any questions or discuss any of our updates!

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