- Instant Coin Exchange

Cryptoket aims to be the leading anonymous digital asset exchange in Asia, without requiring any account nor charging any fees. At the moment, we have supported exchange for over 30+ coins and tokens, but rest assured we are hard at work on adding more pairs soon! 

Most experienced traders and crypto enthusiasts would agree that some of the things they look out for in a crypto exchange or project are security, convenience, and functionality. Although there are several cryptocurrency exchanges, only a few stand-out with regards to the three afore-mentioned points. 

Cryptoket is a platform that allows you exchange cryptocurrencies at the best rates instantly with zero fees. While this may sound ridiculous and far-fetched, this is totally a deal breaker for us. While many platforms offer similar services, they come at a price, and this is the trump card of Cryptoket – no exchange fee, no service fee, no hidden fee, zero gimmicks. 

In addition to this, if you are one of those that value your privacy, then you’ll love Cryptoket. There’s no need to create an account on the platform. Simply select the token(s) you will like to exchange, input your receiving address, and send your funds to the exchange. Your receiving address will be credited in no time. What this means is that your funds and information are absolutely safe. 

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