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Start Earning with Bitupper. Exclusive Partner offer!

Bitupper is connecting partners: crypto exchanges, wallets, bitcoin faucets, analytical websites and all others who uses block explorers.


2 options to start earning with Bitupper:


1. Become Bitupper partner: earn 10% affiliate ad revenue from the traffic from your resource. This option is suitable for those who already uses any block explorers in their services.


How it works: The cost for cpm on Bitupper ad network is around 5$. Bitupper Partner gets 0.5$ for 1000 impressions on the traffic sent to Bitupper. Let's say you use blockchain info, for instance. And when a user withdraws btc on an exchange a link with their tx is created that leads to blockchain info. That is how blockchain info generates traffic, and runs ads on that traffic. But they don't share the revenue. Bitupper shares ad revenue with partners.


So switch to Bitupper Explorer now and get additional ad revenue from the traffic you produce. A partner gets a dashboard and we set up a  partner account where all the traffic can be monitored with revenue calculation.


2. Become Bitupper agent: Find and connect partners for Bitupper to receive 2% of the ad revenue generated from the traffic your partners produce forever. Suits anyone and it requires just a few steps - find a partner, share you ref link and explain how a partner can earn on the traffic they spend in vain.


How it works: The cost for cpm on Bitupper ad network is around 5$. Bitupper Agent gets around 0.1$ for 1000 impressions from the partners traffic connected via his referral link.

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